Venice is Flooding. Wake up World.

Venice is Flooding

I once visited Venice, and frankly I didn’t like it that much. We got lost, wandered around all day, found a stone slab with the word, “Ganja,” carved into it, and then we managed to find a way out of that maze. I guess flooding four times annually means they probably prepare for such events, but frankly they might want to inflate their city about ten feet up in the coming years. Sadly they won’t be able to build fast enough to keep pace with rising tides. I’d say they are going to end up like on of the other submerged cities around the world, with just the few large buildings sticking up. It’s a comedy of tragedy. A comedy because the collective idiocy of the world is causing this problem; a tragedy because it causes such massive and complete destruction to the world as we knew it. Steh AUF!

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