Gene Editing Genie

Stephen Hawking feared super-humans would kill us all

In a posthumous book, Hawking warns of killer AI and gene edited super humans, created by rogue rich people, that would take over and destroy the rest of us. It sounds like a scary thing, and I’m sure they might just be out there right now, plotting our downfall, but at seven billion strong, the super humans will need some time to build up and let us destroy each other first. I don’t think Hawking has this one right. Many of the hominid groups our ancestors faced were most likely super human in ways. Our ancestors adapted and were able to outlive and survive those groups by working together. A large group of humans a socially networked  or politically unified large group of humans can achieve tremendous, super-human, things that no individual could achieve. Thus no small group of super-humans would be able to overwhelm so many well organized and well entrenched human groups that exist today. I could be wrong. Perhaps by using their super intellect they could get an edge using technology. I would argue that humans will most likely already be employing computers, teams of humans, and AI to put an end to any such rogue super-human threats that become public.

The gene editing technology to increase immunity had better become a public health benefit, or the scientists and rich people hoarding that resource might just wind up facing an angry mob.

We may have to create a well disciplined, highly structured, group of gene edited warriors  that serve and protect society from any rogue super-humans. If they are so powerful that our normal weapons and defenses render us powerless or even just vulnerable, then we will have to counter with our own enhanced protectors. My goodness, this sounds like  some marvel story line.

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