The Wrongness and Mythology of Labels like Black, White, and Race.

Human beings, Homos Sapiens, exhibit extreme diversity across the planet. Everywhere there are Human beings, there are problems with bias and prejudice. Minority groups are severely mistreated by majority groups around the globe, and that is a tragic reality of human self inflicted subdivisions. I will mention just a few extreme examples: ISIS genocide against the Yazidi people and the Myanmar’s genocide against the Rohingya. The murder of unarmed people of color by police in the USA is another example of the horrific result from an imbalance of power, and minority versus majority subdivisions based on skin color based bias and prejudice. Throughout the rest of the world, these injustices go unpunished because of the extreme nature of those power imbalances, and the undemocratic rulers of those places wield corrupt and ruthless armies, not just police, that wage war against their own people when told to do so, for God, Allah, Country, or otherwise. I saw a light skinned police officer convicted of murder in the state of Texas when he shot an unarmed black teenager driving away in a car. His fellow officer’s testimony is what got him convicted, so I applaud that one instance of getting things right. Perhaps if the police can figure out how to stop their levels of implicit and explicit bias and prejudice against minority groups, we could begin to turn the page on that chapter of history. I get that minority groups will eternally feel victimized, because sadly human nature, is not to do the right thing. We literally have to re-educate our entire population.

I would argue that the use of the words, “black,” and, “white,” to describe other human beings is a misguided, and flat out falsehood, a lie, that people have been fed, taught, for unjust reasons. These are false labels that don’t really exist. No person is black or white, because by definition, that’s impossible. Nobody is pure white, and nobody is pure black. Everybody is some shade of light or dark, and a tone based on the genetics of their ancestors proximity to the sun, the equator. In 10,000 years, if we haven’t wiped each other out, all people will be so close in tone, that they won’t know the difference. I bet they will find ways to subdivide, with paint or dyes in clothing, and decorative things you can wear, like watches or jewelry, that people will find ways to subdivide, and the subdivisions are truly based on wealth, and secondly based on the dynamics of majority/minority group bias or prejudice. Skin tone is truly an insignificant human trait. What does it really mean? It means how much melanin you absorb from the sun. That’s the extent of the biological trait of skin tone. It’s really not a big deal, but people use this visual marker way out of proportion, and use it as a tool to discriminate, have bias, have prejudice, against minority groups.

I argue that there is no such thing as race. Racism is very real and ugly, and it is conducted by large populations consciously and subconsciously, implicitly, between minority and majority subgroups Race is a socially constructed term, that human beings made up, a long time ago, to adapt against outsiders or out groups, minority groups. Human beings use skin tone as a way to differentiate and subdivide, the degree of this bias and prejudice based on skin tone varies from extreme to moderate and can be implicit/subconscious  and/or explicit/conscious. Why does race not really exist? Why do countless people around the globe cause endless suffering and pain upon minority groups over skin tone?

Human beings are Homo Sapiens. We all have forty-two chromosomes and can interbreed. The last other Hominid groups that we had to compete with were the Neanderthals, and they went extinct c. 40,000 years ago. (We do carry some percentage of Neanderthal DNA, so in a sense they live on within us but that’s not super relevant to this discussion). That’s the fact. We are the last of our kind, but we subdivided based on skin tone, and use a falsehood to create social injustice. What is race? Can anyone give a definitive definition? How can we fight over this word, this idea called race, when nobody can really agree on a specific definition. I challenge anyone to give me a clear and concise definition of race, and even if you could, I would call still call it a human social construct.

I argue that the very language we speak is littered with vestigial bias and prejudice, for example the use of labels like calling people, “white,” or ,” black.” Racism exists because large groups of human beings are so ignorant on so many levels.

I argue that we should all strive for equality before the law in both written words, like we have with our constitution, and in reality and practice by our judges and our police. Sure teachers should be taught about equity, and how to promote this in a classroom, but so too should all law enforcement, elected officials in power, and judges be taught about how to overcome implicit bias.

We born in this nation, or naturalized by law, have rights, regardless of our skin tone, and that is a beautiful thing. I challenge anyone who thinks racism and race are the biggest problems, or the worst in history, to go live somewhere else and report back. The reality is that bias, prejudice, and injustice are everywhere in large supply, and even though things can be scary and dangerous for minority groups in the USA, victimized by both the police and the federal agents, but the alternatives elsewhere in the world can be for worse. Homophobia, skin tone based prejudice, and social injustice are rampant and extreme in many places around the world that lack public secular education.

Here is a recent article that relates to this topic.

Race is a Social Construct

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