The Upside Down Dream and the Fermi Paradox as evidence for the existence of a spiritual realm.

I’ve been pretty harsh on organized religions quite a bit of late, so I thought I would toss my hat in the other direction for a bit. I’m not going to say that any organized world religion have anything that I want to hear, but I would like to comment on the viewpoint of there being a spiritual world that perhaps living things may transition into after they die. I call it spiritual, but it could be something different. I have some evidence that I will first discuss, and then I will comment further on the bias of words, the legacy of organized religions influence on oral language, has shaped how we discuss what may be another, “dimension,” or realm of existence, the spiritual realm, the Astral plane of existence.


  1. “The Upside Down Dream,” is a phrase I chose as a small child to describe an experience I had while suffering from a high fever. I remember being very sick, in my bed, and sleeping. I thought I was dreaming, but I was on the roof of my room looking down. I felt a horrible feeling of wrongness, and I did not like the dream. I awoke from the dream, and ran to my parents, in the living room. They checked my forehead, and immediately took action to cool my body by putting me in the bathtub with ice. I told my parents I had a bad dream, I called it, “The Upside Down Dream.” Looking back, I now think that this was perhaps a near death experience. I did in fact have a very high fever, for I remember my parents panicked reaction to feeling my forehead and taking my temperature. I know the dream happened during the peak of my illness, while in bed, and I know I was looking down from the roof of my room, somehow. I also had a distinct feeling of wrongness. Perhaps I has having an out of body experience, and I returned to my body when I woke up. I know I was looking at myself from the roof of the room. As a young child, I had no idea how to describe this, and I just called it the upside down dream. I think this may be evidence for the spirit world. I have spoken to many people, and read of many stories of people, who also have had out of body experiences while near death. According to legend, some people can have their spirit leave their body at will, astral projection.
  2. The Fermi paradox, created by Enrico Fermi, shows that the combination of zero evidence for other living things in the universe combined with the high probability of this happening given by scientists. In this paradox, the universe should be full of different planets with living things, yet we have found absolutely zero evidence for this. He claims that we are alone in the universe. Unique, and thus far his claim seems to be true. I would say that if this proves to be true, then you have further proof that we perhaps were created by a creator, as believed by so many religions, and thus perhaps we do go somewhere else when we die. I’m surprised nobody has ever used the Fermi paradox as evidence for the religious/afterlife position.

These are by no means absolute proof, and are more circumstantial in nature than absolute, but it does point in a direction that I found surprising. I’m pleasantly surprised, but I will say that there is some hope for something after we die. I still say nobody really knows jack about what really goes down. It’s not a hard position to defend.



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