Why the Trump, “Space Force,” is really a stroke of genius.

Really? Are you are asking? We had so much fun making all those snarky and funny memes about how dumb of an idea the, “Space Force,” is… Yet, I would argue that the idea is genius. I’m not saying Trump is a genius. Perhaps he was given this idea by someone else. Perhaps he read the presidential files on aliens that the US Government has hidden away, and he wants to be the savior prophet, legendary for seeing the truth before the rest of humanity, or (more likely) he wants to harvest the solar system of resources for the enrichment of select investors, the elite wealthy of the planet, the multi-national billionaire club of Illuminati bourgeoisie.  Do you think that Trump thought up that idea by himself? I suppose it’s possible that Trump has evil genius like symptoms or traits at times. He did get elected as President of the United States after running a reality TV show and a real estate business. He may have had help from the international billionaire Illuminati bourgeoisie cabal, via the Russians, and this only adds to my conspiracy theory that Trump’s space force is really a land grab for stuff in space, and the space force would really mean creating military hegemony from space, protect the information networks run by satellites from enemies on Earth. QED

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