Color Blinded and Color Biased

I find it strange that so many people still cling to the notion that skin color has any real significance, other than how much UV energy you reflect or absorb, how susceptible you are to skin cancer, and how visible you are in contrast to day or night. These are all traits that don’t really add up to much that is very important. I would call them relatively insignificant compared to the rest of human traits.

Every other single trait that humans have, like having babies, making babies, how much heart you have, how much capacity for love you  have, traits like these have nothing to do with skin color, unless you let it.

I have observed prejudice, dislike, and outright disturbing behavior, like fighting,  by various people against other people because of their skin color, and the way the communicate about skin color. It is almost always senseless, pointless, and never helps the situation.

People identify by skin color, yet if you give them a DNA test, almost all of the extremists on either side of this debate would have mixed ancestry. The truth is most people are mutts. We are mixed up after a few hundred thousand years of evolution, and adaptation.

I read that the light skinned trait did not appear in homo sapiens in Europe until 6000 BCE, as the farmers from Central Asia migrated into Europe and supplanted the prior groups. For most of human history, the lighter skinned trait did not exist, and this debate about one side being better than the other is just plain nonsense.

All homo sapiens on Earth have forty six chromosomes. We are all one species. We can interbreed. There is variation, but the differences between groups are minor and insignificant, like skin color. Most human variation take place on an individual level, such that within any human group, there is a wide variation of different traits. Basically, we have differences because we are all unique individuals, and not because we are members of one group or another.

The notion of human groupings, by culture, geography, language, religion, economic system, social order, and skin color, socioeconomic groups, have taught us to create divisions and have in groups and out groups that we identify with, but this is a learned trait that has nothing to do with the reality of our DNA.

Human beings are human beings. There are all kinds and manners. Good, bad, happy, sad, fast, slow, large, small, short, tall, and the list of traits is nearly infinite. Every single baby is unique miracle of this universe, and it is a shame that we let skin color become a a measure of that beauty.

I see everyone do it. All walks of life, all colors, all stripes. They divide and don’t realize. When people get together, they usually put these notions aside, forget their color bias, and work as color blind equals. I just think every person should be judged and credited by the content of their character, and their behaviors and actions in this world. I have met the best people from every color and walk of life. I have seen the smartest and most capable people be the least likely looking person of any group. I have viewed people who had immeasurable talent and potential, that give up or don’t try because they don’t think they have this, and nobody gave them a chance to prove it. This happens often.

If an employer is color biased, they hire specifically from select groups of people. This actually lowers the potential for superb or above average workers because when they deny access to large segments or groups of society, based on some bias like skin color, they limit the pool and potential. They shrink their capacity to get the best candidate, because they never give large groups a chance based on a trait that is relatively insignificant and unrelated to the reality of DNA. Additionally, the numbers of mixed people are growing such that fewer and fewer people will identify with skin color based bias and social grouping. Eventually everyone on Earth will one color, and it will be a blending of them all.

Additionally, people who select their mate based on skin color, or likeness, can also be falling to the trap of limiting one’s potential genetic or DNA pool with which to procreate. This can limit or affect their offspring. For example, in breeding and genetic mutation or disease based in incestual relations, or just getting married to a person that is a distant cousin because of isolation or selecting from small gene pools. Every scientist on Earth will tell you this is very detrimental to the species. Europe’s monarchies eventually collapsed because of their frailty and genetic disorders from too much prolonged inbreeding. Don’t get me wrong. You can be 100% of some genetic group, like Native American, and still have diverse genetics or DNA because the parents are not related at all. If groups remain isolated, and overly selective, to exclude people from their club, like the royalty of Europe’s medieval past, then they face increased risk of genetic disorders because of inbreeding.

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