Hispanic, Latino, and Native American over-representation in the armed forces of the USA- the warrior culture.

Let’s get one thing straight. Pretty much all Hispanic, Latino, or Native Americans are going to have mixed DNA ancestry, and they all have DNA roots from Native American groups, along with their other admixtures. Native Americans have a cultural propensity to defend their homeland, and as such, they enlist in the US military at a higher percentage than any other ethnic group. Hispanics are more likely to complete boot camp, finish their military service, and to reenlist than any other group of Marines. Why do Hispanics and Natives show such loyalty and willingness to fight for the USA? We all know that historically these groups fought against the United States, but now they have been granted full citizenship. The very asking of the question is stupid and offensive. I only write it because I see it in both articles, so I’m going to comment. Neither Hispanics, nor Native Americans, harbor hatred and ill will from past conflicts with the European settlers that colonized the USA because that’s in the past, and we all need to move forward. If we are all born equal before the law, but obviously not equal in circumstance, then this is accepted by  Native and Hispanic cultures as a given that we will overcome regardless of the inequity. Both Hispanics and Native Americans, born in the USA, are full citizens, and therefore look at the USA as their homeland and birth right. They are more willing to fight and die for this than any other single ethnic group, as a collective and not specific individuals, than the others because it’s important to their family and culture to prove to the rest of society that they are loyal patriots as well. 

Native Americans serve in greater numbers than any other single ethnic group

Native Americans have a strong cultural tie to the concept of warriors. For example here is an excerpt from a NPR interview of some Native American Veterans on their service. “The warrior culture tradition, it seems to be instilled in the youth. As they grow up, they witness how the warrior, the veteran, is honored by his tribe at dances, powwows, etc. And often times, you’ll find that the leaders in the tribes are veterans. They’ve gone through tough times and the tribe has come to depend upon them for wise decision making.” The tribes even practice cleansing rituals for before and after the warrior returns from war. In short, their community honors them, and they believe strongly that they are defending and protecting their homelands,  their family and tribe. Their culture also supports them and helps them re acclimate into society after going to war.

There is a similar trend with for Hispanics. Both Hispanics and Native American groups  gravitate toward the Navy and the Marines. “Hispanics are more likely to complete boot camp, finish their military service, and to reenlist than any other group of Marines. 

Latinos Claim Larger Share of U.S. Military Personnel

I don’t think Donald Trump realizes that he shouldn’t throw around negative labels  or stereotypes about Hispanic, Latino, or Native peoples just because a few illegal criminals sneak in and make the vast majority of peaceful, law abiding, hard working Hispanics and Native Americans look bad. Hispanic and Native American citizens of the USA  make up the single largest ethnic group in the nation, next to Caucasian. We are a bedrock of this nation, as are all the other ethnic and cultural groups that we collectively call the United States of America. We are the United States, not the Americans. We stand together with all the various peoples that live here to defend and protect democracy and liberty both now and into the future.

I don’t want to diminish or connote any negativity toward any other particular ethnic group with respect to their collective history of military service because they all were important, and if we didn’t do things together, we would not be here today. The strength of our collective cultural military unity is something that all other nations on earth envy, and cannot replicate with the success that we have.

It should also be noted that a service in the military can bring with it wealth and prosperity. They promote education, so the benefit of paid education or college is a huge plus. In addition, the benefits of being a Veteran such as home loan purchase and medical services are additionally a huge financial benefit. The rewards gained from honorable service in the military are large, and therefore one cannot rule out simple economics to explain why one group of people entering into military service at a higher rate.

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