CDR Salamander’s blog post on Scots Irish followed by my commentary.

CDR Salamander’s blog post on Scots Irish

Commander Salamander’s blog about the current Scots Irish leaders of the US military is an interesting commentary about the long legacy and history of famous US military leaders from this broad cultural group. “Author (and U.S. Senator) Jim Webb puts forth a thesis in his book Born Fighting (2004) to suggest that the character traits he ascribes to the Scotch-Irish such as loyalty to kin, extreme mistrust of governmental authority and legal strictures, and a propensity to bear arms and to use them, helped shape the American identity.” – wikipedia article on Scotch-Irish

I find the bloggers description of various Irish sounding named leaders and generals fighting each other over how to get into a fight with Russia both rather humorous and not surprising. It’s strange. I actually kind of get what they are talking about. There is an ever present need or want, at the outskirts of consciousness, that wants to fight, wage war, and do bad things. It is a notion and instinct that I , and I’m sure many others, have to put away or lock up, for fear of bringing irrational or over emotional exuberance into a decision making process. However, in an emergency or serious crisis, the ability to let go of everything, allows one to reach a plane of consciousness or heightened awareness for the purpose of hunting or waging war. Sometimes these types of brash leaders are a blessing in disguise  (Patton) or they can also be over the top and have to be put in check by the social and political forces of the USA (MacArthur). Patton saved the USA from defeat against the formidable Wehrmacht. MacArthur defeated Japan, but wanted to start dropping nuclear weapons and invade China, and that would have been a bad idea. Sometimes the warrior keeps hearing the call to battle long after the battles have ended. That yearning can be the undoing of some. It is a price or burden that is carried by those who survive the price of blood in building and defending a nation.

As I noted in my earlier blog entries, my name, Hyres, is listed in the annals of The Scotch-Irish diaspora to the Thirteen Colonies and their subsequent  involvement in the formation of the United States.


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