Analysis of My DNA Report

My Ancestry DNA Report

I’ve been pondering my ancestry report, and I would like to note a few conclusions or possibilities of interest. My Father is certainly half German, his mother came from Germany to the USA as an adult, and his father was of Scotch Irish descent, from New England. My Father is almost surely the majority source of the North European, British and Irish, French and German, Scandinavia, Broadly Northern European, Broadly European, and Eastern European. This accounts for exactly 50% of my profile. Once I see my father, mother, or sisters’ profile, I will have a more clear picture. Never the less, I can estimate. My mother’s profile would then account for the following: Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese), Italian, Sardinian, Ashkenazi Jewish , Broadly Southern European, Native American, Broadly East Asian, Broadly East Asian and Native American, West African, Sub Saharan African, North African and Arabian, Western Asian, Broadly Western Asian and African, Broadly South Asian, and Oceanin.

If my estimations are correct, I contain DNA that spans the entire globe. My Father’s ancestry is well known to me because I have spoken with many of these family members and have that to match with the DNA. My Mother’s side is less open because my mother’s family is from Mexico and California (Formerly part of Mexico, Spain, and native groups). I do have some insights into my Mother’s DNA that they might not even realize. The Spanish and Portuguese, and their sailors, came from places like Southern Europe, and some were former members of Templar orders that had disbanded just prior to the age of exploration. Many of the Templar orders turned to piracy against non Christians in an attempt to generate wealth with the hope of someday reclaiming the Holy Land. If not piracy, then freebooter or just soldiers and sailors. Perhaps my ancestors came from the Spanish explorers, and perhaps my Spanish ancestors had connections to North Africa via Carthaginian or Moorish ancestry. Perhaps the Crusader/Templar ancestor married in the Middle East and returned with bride and children, and  then these children went on to become Conquistador or explorers.  Perhaps the entire wide spectrum of ancestry came from Pirates in the Caribbean. I know my Mother’s family came from the Caribbean side of Mexico. Pirate or Conquistador, slave or indentured sailor, I will never really know. The DNA trail is very curious. It would take someone with lots of diversity to mix with someone else of great diversity, to create such a group. Her over all percent is like half mixed up European/African, Middle Eastern and half mixed up Asian and Native American.

I would’t be surprised if somehow the wars between Islam and Christianity helped created the diversity of my Mother’s European side. Then the conquest of the New World added to this extreme diversity.  Templar, Conquistador, Explorer, Sailor, Trader, Pirate, all see like possible answers to the DNA pattern in my Mother’s DNA, but I will never really know.  I also know that she has around 50 % Native American and Asian, with the highest percentage that of Native American from Mexico. I don’t know much about this ancestry, but it would be interesting to see who from the Native American in Mexico was able to interbreed and thus survive the Eurasian diseases that wiped out 60 – 80% of their population.

Ironically, on my paternal side, I have a distinct DNA marker that shows I’m a descendant of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the first High King of Ireland.  I wish I had more similar details from my Mother’s side.

I’ve concluded that the wide diversity of my Mother’s side of my DNA has some interesting possible answers. The reason such a diverse grouping of DNA markers could show up in my genome, given that 1800 is the latest any of this DNA entered the flow, and there is not given earliest date. Meaning, that all these groups of DNA entered my DNA family prior to 1800, and landed on the East Coast of Mexico before moving to California. One possibility: Crusader/Templar from Portugal or Spain, with some North African via Carthaginian or Moor/Middle Eastern/Jewish, turned sailor/trader/explorer.

I just realized that I have both Irish, Scottish, and English. How? Well My DNA shows that I’m heavily English/Northern Ireland from an ancestor within the last 200 years. I’m also a direct descendant of Niall of the Nine Hostages through analysis of my Paternal Haplogroup, from my Y chromosome they determine specific genetic markers to show my father’s lineage, and I have the haplogroup R-M269 marker, which identifies me as descending from the Uí Néill dynasty. Hyres is a Scotch-Irish immigrant to the USA name. Thus my DNA shows evidence of Irish, Scottish, and English. This was diverse Briton lineage that then transferred to the American Colonies.

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