My Hypothesis on why the Neaderthals and Denosivans went extinct, and why we didn’t.

I found this article showing that Scientists are already exploring this question, and we have some findings:

Latest news article linking human borne diseases to the extinction of Neanderthals

If you study the genetic make up most surviving Native Americans, Latinos, and Hispanics of the New World, you will find that they are all hybrids, mixed up, and that is how and why they and their progeny survived. What does this tell us? We know that Eurasians were unable to penetrate or take over the New World, though they visited, prior to the Spanish Conquistadors. It wasn’t until the confluence of Guns, Germs, and Steel, all borrowed and stolen from the Far  and Middle East through warfare and trade, gave Eurasians an incredible advantage, by pure luck. The disease that annihilated the Native Americans have been shown to be far more devastating than many realize. Estimates of 50 – 90% death rates, followed by the ongoing epidemics and an ongoing invasion of outsiders. We know that today, it’s almost impossible to find a genetically pure Native American, and only in the most remote places like the deep Amazon. It was the germs that did most of the work, and this is what I believe happened to the Neanderthals and Denosivans. There may have been warfare and competition for homes and resources between our Homo Sapient ancestors and the other Hominid species, but ultimately I think that based on the small amounts of DNA left in our lineage from that conflict, and based on how long ago this took place, I think it is fair to guess that the process followed something similar as to what happened when the Eurasians invaded the “American” continents.

Just like with Native American DNA percentages in the New World have a range that is nowhere near 100%. And that conflict happened recently.  Neanderthal and Denosivan DNA percentages are between 0 – 10%, and the conflict happened over 40,000 years ago as our ancestors left Africa and took over the other continents from the Hominids that preceded our ancestors and were essentially already spread out over most of the known world. There is significant evidence of Neandethal  or Denosivan tool use in Calfornia, so we know their were probably lots of other types of hominids throughout the New World because it was the last part of the Earth to be explored. If you study Native American Mythology and stories, they have tons of stories about cannibal giants, and cannibal pygmies, and various other “humanoid” groups that they fought, killed, and told stories about down the ages. Every single Native Tribe has these stores, and they all resemble or match up with what I would consider to be other hominid like beings that used to compete with Native Americans in remote regions of the New World prior to exploration. I would contend that the diseases that wiped out the Native tribes, most likely wiped out the vestiges of other hominids that were still around during exploration. If fact, the various explorers also have fantastic stories about strange and interesting encounters with humanoid like groups, cannibals they call them, that they describe as not entirely human. Some called them red haired giants. We have many bones found in the New World, and sadly these finds were covered up by the Smithsonian because they didn’t fit in with the beliefs of scientists of that era…




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