2060? That doesn’t sound so crazy now.

In 1704, Isaac Newton Predicts the World Will End in 2060


I’ve been reading about the Nostradamus effect, a concept that unifies all the various Armageddon legends. Most curious to me, in my recent reading over of Isaac Newtons calculations, is that he made a prediction or date that seems so plausible given the changes in the state of the Earth’s atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere. It seems amazing to me that a man in 1704, seven decades before the USA declared Independence, Newton predicted the beginning of the end days to start in 2060. Why does this seem odd? He could have given a number much later, and I think that would have increased the odds of his prediction looking realistic. We can all agree that there seems to be a natural rate of decay, an exponential increase of human behavior impacting the environment. This in turn is leading toward ecological disaster, impending environmental cataclysm, and most people are blind or oblivious to the exponential, rapid, increase in climate change in proportion to the numerous environmental impacts humanity collectively causes on our fragile atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere. So Newton’s date nicely fits with the calm before the storm we feel now, and the very real and potentially catastrophic future we face by 2060 if mega changes, adaptions, or inventions, don’t alter our present course.

Newton could have been lucky. He used the bible as the basis for his calculations, and I have to admit I’m skeptical, but I’m also a bit impressed. How the hell did he get, in my estimation, so close a real world wide catastrophe with his esoteric and bizarre methodology? It’s a strange coincidence, no doubt.

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