The Tragedy of the Earth’s Overpopulation by Strange Species.

The population of the Earth was less than 2 billion in 1900. Now it’s 7.5 billion. You cannot be free, no matter what any paper says, in a closed amount of space,(the Earth) when the number of people keeps growing beyond the capacity. The US population in 1900 was only 72 million, and now it is 325 million. All this leads to the, “Tragedy of the Commons,’ an economic principle wherein any shared resource, not regulated or restricted by law, will be overused, abused, and destroyed by the heedless and shortsighted masses. Common land was abolished in most nations because of this very reason. England used to allow for common use of the land, and so did the USA. This practice had to be abolished because it caused horrific national problems like the dust bowl of the 20’s, caused by overgrazing of common lands by Ranchers during a drought. The no-rules West, caused a Great Depression for the Mid-West, and that’s why we don’t do that anymore.


In 1900 the population of the US was seventy two million. Now it is three hundred and twenty million+. What about the masses that will come for your stuff when the government is gone. I don’t like it, but I’ll take law and order with capitalism over anarchy or socialism any day. I think we are less free because in 1900 there were two billion people and now there are seven and one half billion people. Who can be free when the dangers of the world require banding together to defend our continent.

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