How to fix what needs fixing in the USA.

Right now, we should be one California, standing together to fight back against these increasing fire threats and the risks to our homes, to our children, our grandchildren, and all our future progeny. By not properly maintaining our forests in drought, and by allowing people to build and live in places that, when a fire starts, begin a chain reaction that can destroy cities like in Napa and now Southern California, we live in more dangerous times.
I don’t think that our leaders, and more importantly the leaders of our Federal government, comprehend the gravity and consequence of allowing seven billion people to burn fossil fuels so cheaply.
A few steps  to fix this problem:
Price Fossil Fuels out of the market.
Put an end to business oligarchs rule over this nation, because their self interest, and pretend patriotism, is really self serving.
Tax religious groups equal to corporations, God knows they can afford it.
Place an additional. 0.25% tax increase on Federal income taxes, for every bracket, that would go directly to make payments on the national debt, the 17 billion we spent and have nothing to show for it, until it is gone. We pay every month, a little bit from every tax bracket, and end our deficit spending ways.
We start saving money like every other half way civilized nation, and we start staying in our lane and stop trying to make the world in our image. It will never happen, so why do it. We waste a lot of money for nothing.

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