The World Changes

I think we can all notice that the weather is changing, and the world is changing. It seems like everything is bigger and more present because we are more connected with the internet. I used to sit and read the newspaper, but now I peruse the web. I can explain the perception of rapid change and devolution worldwide with a greater awareness and expansive ability to explore via the world wide web, but the weather is surely changing around us. I’m so tired of hearing people say things like, “It’s just a blip, or a glitch,” and again I’m also tired of hearing, “it’s just a global weather pattern that will change back.” While there is a possibility of the weather being rescued by changes in human behavior, or technology, but I am not optimistic in either of these possibilities. While the changes needed to return the Earth atmosphere to a more natural state are “possible,” the likelihood of such changes are, in my opinion, negligible. Why?

Human behavior will lead to further warming of the climate, so that explorers can reach the polar oil reservoirs. The consequences of this goal, will lead to the extinction of too many species, spikes in the growth of bacteria, viral activity, and the spread of mold and fungi to species that are already vulnerable will only continue a man made mass extinction event. While humans wander the Earth oblivious, millions of animal and plant species, important to planet wide biodiversity levels are destroyed as a direct consequence of human behavior. This process is well documented, and is ongoing. Humanity does not appear capable of realizing or foreseeing their path toward the cliff of ruin, their short lifespans, and limited numbers of people interested in such matters, renders the path forward. You can see in the natural world, the dramatic affects that pumping too much green house gas into our atmosphere is causing, namely excessive levels of carbon dioxide.

I mourn the loss of so many bees. It was sad this year when so few bees were around to pollinate the fruit trees. I had a ton of fruit in previous years, but this years crop was terrible. My neighbor lady friend has a huge garden and yard, and she told me that she is no longer killing the yellow jackets because they help pollinate as well. I have also read about the demise of million of bats. They think the bats are dying off because of a fungus, but regardless the insects grow in number commensurate with the loss of bat predators. The loss of bats and bees are like, “canaries” in the cave. We should be wondering what is going to happen next, because our atmosphere on this planet is very much like a cave. It is only a few miles up,  that we can breathe, and this narrow band of oxygen rich atmosphere cannot hold an infinite amount of other gasses without causing major consequences for living species that cannot adapt quickly.

We cannot afford to keep turning up the temperature on the globe, like a body in fever killing off everything else, we are heating up the planet and creating a mass extinction event. When the Earth atmosphere first formed, the planet was first colonized by methane breathing life forms. The eventual formation of blue green algae, and the subsequent oxygenation of the planet caused a massive extinction of the methane breathing bacteria. Go figure. Now we, like the blue green algae, are causing a mass extinction event. I don’t think all life will die off, but it will bring massive changes that we may not be able to completely foresee or enjoy.

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