America the Invincible

Yes, we are blessed with good geography, mostly. We do face some danger from environmental degradation with our overuse of carbon dioxide and methane gases, and our general neglect and abuse of the world ecology. The self centered approach to gathering and producing, while over reproducing to seven billion, is causing all the world’s animal and plant populations to dwindle and fade. The bees are dying. The bats are dying from fungus that spreads because the average temperatures are rising. Disease and bacteria are growing resistant to our antibiotics and vaccines as mutation and replication rates increase and thrive in warmer temperatures worldwide. Weather patterns are growing wild and dangerous, and the increase in temperature from adding more carbon dioxide and methane to our fragile atmosphere causing a greenhouse effect generates stronger storm systems and changes currents. We have to begin building and finding solutions to these problems, and they all take root from our addiction to fossil fuels.

It would be a shame to destroy this blessed geographic location, disconnected from the other major continents. We should protect and enshrine our lands, our waters, and our planet. We cannot make the mistake of thinking that our precious resources and lands are unlimited, or that we should share them with any and all that want to come here. The world is not like that anymore. There are no frontiers. Borders will increase, and the chaos of the rest of the world will rage while we sleep secure, unless we squander it all way like the islanders of Easter Island building their monoliths until their society collapsed from destruction of their island’s limited and precious resources. We must adapt like the Inuit, and avoid the fate of the Vineland and Greenland Vikings. They could not adapt and they went extinct. The world cannot change course on climate change and fossil fuel abuse, but the USA could completely modernize out of releasing carbon dioxide and methane, and we can survive or weather the changes that climate change will bring in the next two centuries.

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