Is war with North Korea imminent?

War with North Korea? At what cost?

US student freed from North Korea has a severe brain injury and is in a coma.

North Korea, under Kim Jong Un, will never give up their pursuit of nuclear weapons and long range missiles to carry them. Ukraine gave up their weapons and signed a pact assuring their security, the Bucharest Memorandum on security assurances, signed by the USA, UK, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. These so called assurances of security were violated by Russia when they invaded and annexed the Crimean peninsula. North Koreans are highly intelligent, and should not be underestimated. I think that the article about the student recently released by North Korea, seen as a win for the Trump administration, could also, sadly, be an attempt to generate public anger and dislike for North Korea that is personal to citizens of the US. I doubt the move was intentional, and they secured the release of the boy because it was the right thing to do, but I do question how the media has perhaps utilized this tragic horror story, perpetrated upon a young vibrant citizen of our nation by the pariah state of North Korea.

There has been plenty of news media whenever North Korea launches, or fails to launch, test missiles. Those articles don’t seem to generate the horror and dismay in the public that the politicians are hoping for. I do think that hawks, from both both republicans and democrats, want war with North Korea before they go nuclear. I don’t think China and Russia are going to let the US wipe out North Korea. I think things will remain in limbo for many years to come because neither side really wants a war between three superpowers: China, Russia, and the USA. North Korea will go nuclear creating a longer lasting stand off.

As an update, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are about to have a conference. It seems that Trump’s Russian connections are finally paying off in some way. North Korea is more motivated to end Nuclear testing for a variety of reasons, in exchange for a “good deal” for them. One reason could be the environmental disaster they have caused on their homeland with all their nuclear testing. I saw an article about how their last test collapsed a mountain. That’s never a good thing to have happen on a peninsula in the ocean that lies on the Ring of Fire. They could go down like Atlantis, self inflicted disaster from within, and take South Korea with them. That’ s bad for everybody, including us. We don’t want a destruction of the Korean Peninsula, and hopefully the North can share in the riches of South Korean capitalism and establish a lasting peace. If negotiations break down, then the path to war could be faster than I had at first anticipated. I don’t think Donald Trump is bluffing, and I think North Korea is coming to the table because they have the same intuition.

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