Monsanto = Evil

I think Monsanto is an evil corporation. I believe this because they put profit so far ahead of everything else, that nothing else beside the preservation of their profit matters to them. I first read about their GMO korn, the Round Up Ready plant that would grow korn and not die from Round Up. Well, it turns out that Round up is a Carcinogen, but they are still refusing to print this as a warning label. Thankfully a court is soon to make them begin to put warning labels on their product. Like with the big Tobacco story, they deny their wrong doing and use lawsuits and lawyers to preserve their patents and continued existence. They began suing farmers on farms where Round Up Ready GMO Korn was growing nearby when the seed blew on the wind into the neighbor’s farm. They sued to take the farms of these farmers claiming the farmers must have stolen the GMO Korn seed. Taking farms from families is just plain evil with a Kapital K. GMO Korn is not corn, so they patent it and claim others cannot have their stock or face ruin. It’s fairly obvious that corn seed will blow in the wind and spread to adjacent corn/Korn farms. I think the farmers should have sued Monsanto for polluting their stock with defective GMO Korn. The only genetic modification Monsanto made to their GMO Korn was to make it immune to a known carcinogen, and that does not make the GMO Korn plant more healthy or nutritious for consumers. Monsanto is evil because of their abuse of their GMO Korn patents to steal farms from families,  and then not labeling Round Up as a known carcinogen. This latest article accuses Monsanto of ghost writing scientific articles to verify Round Up as safe when in fact it is a known carcinogen. That is just the tip of the iceberg for why Monsanto is truly evil. Evil exists within the confines of our laws, and we must exercise our rights to ward and purge our world.

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