Aliens: friend or foe?



I’ve been reading material on evidence for alien contact with humans on Earth in the past century. I don’t have time to seek evidence in the archaeological record because such evidence is all very questionable and difficult to verify. Human beings are quite imaginative and they have carved, painted, and created images of things they have seen or imagined since deep into our distant past. For example the Cave Paintings that were created 17,500 years ago at Lascaux, France, and there are rock formations in caves that date to when the Neanderthal occupied Europe, before 40,000 CE. Humans have used this creativity to make images of things that don’t really exist, so it is possible that the ancient pictures of things that look like space ships or flying vessels in the stone inscribed picture writing of numerous ancient cultures are works of pure fiction.

In the past fifty years, many people have come forward as witness to the interference by UFO entities on the nuclear programs of the US and the USSR. Hundreds of officers have testified that UFOs deactivated ICBM missiles. Several NASA and other international astronauts and even governments have come forth to admit that they have had encounters with UFOs and there have been a good number of Roswell like events, where a wreckage was discovered and taken by human groups for study.

Some people fear that there is a cabal or group, a deep state or secret part of the government, that studies and conceals the presence of aliens that are both more advanced and more powerful than any group of humans technology level. They think that the government would not want the public to know the existence of a powerful more advanced alien group that they are powerless to do anything about. People might freak out and make radical changes in fear of the situation. Do aliens abduct to study or experiment on humans? Catch and release? Some believe the aliens are benevolent because they have been deterring the US and USSR from starting a nuclear war. Some think they have their on agenda self interest in studying and observing human behavior and development. The abductions, if confirmed or real, are quite freighting and downright scary stories. Perhaps there are more than one group of aliens with different interests in our little blue planet?

I particularly enjoyed one recent theory that Mars was once inhabited and the inhabitants were wiped out by nuclear weapons. The theory postulates that either the populations wiped themselves out in a self induced cataclysm, or they were nuked out by aliens from space. He claims the pictures from the rover show evidence of nuclear strikes. I think this theory is a bit far fetched because Mars atmosphere is small and weak, so objects from space can damage the planet with less a chance of burning up in the atmosphere. I am skeptical.

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