Are Humans the Pioneering Intelligent Life Forms early To The Universe’s Life Party?

Are Earth Humans The ‘Aliens’ Early To The Universe’s Life Party?

This new theory from three professors at Oxford uses complex math to explain that the universe is still relatively in it’s infant stage. They state that we are approximately at 0.14% of the entire span of the time/space we call the universe. They are claiming that the universe has a long way to go, and that we may well be theĀ first intelligent self aware beings to evolve. Part of the reasoning in this theory is the seeming complete lack of evidence for other intelligent beings that we have been able to detect so far. I certainly hope they are right. What a golden opportunity for our species to expand our footprint into the universe without any competition other than ourselves. I have postulated that if there were intelligent/self aware beings elsewhere in the universe, they could be very far away from us, or they could be seeking to avoid detection. Frankly, I would presume that if there were super advanced intelligent beings out there, they would most likely seek to avoid contact with others for fear of annihilation. We should also take the path of greatest caution with out space explorations, for why invite disaster so early in our species existence. We nearly wen’t extinct during the Toba Catastrophe. In Africa, around 75,000 years ago, a large volcanic eruption caused a 6-10 year winter. Scientists estimate that the human population dropped to 1000 – 10,000 breeding pairs. It would be nice to have human colonies on multiple planets, so that if one such place is hit with an extinction event such as a large asteroid hitting the planet, our species would live on in other places. I was thinking that it would not be that hard, with just a little better technology, to create a device or propulsion system that could attach to a large asteroid or large object in space, and then hurtle toward a planet that you want to wipe out. One could fairly easily create an extinction event level weapon by sending an object hurtling toward a planet with such velocity that when it hits, it could cause an extinction level impact. I call this the, “Death by Sling Shot,” plan. It would be like an intergalactic David teaching Goliath a lesson in physics. I sure hope we are the first ones to the party, but I again remain cautious, and would not presume this to be the truth. Better safe than sorry!

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