Worst prediction ever made.


This article titled, “The end of sexual reproduction could be 20 years away, claims bioethicist,” is perhaps the worst prediction I have ever heard. For one, he is wrong. There is no way that human beings, who have evolved and spent our entire existence on mating rituals, will stop or give up child birth. No sane government or elected official would even attempt to promote this agenda, for it goes against religious belief, and it goes against behavioral habit. The reason that our male sex organs are the largest in proportion to the size of our bodies compared to all other mammals is very simple: we love to have sex, and we are hard wired to procreate to extend our short existence beyond our own lives. We subconsciously are hard wired to extend our genetic material into future generations, and we have created a vast many of strategies and behaviors to do so. We are also one of the only species that have sex for pleasure or recreation. We have sex more often than nearly any other species. To think that humans would be willing to take such a drastic change in behavior is nuts. Perhaps in 20,000 years people will move away from natural child birth, but the past 100,000 years have created a set of beliefs, patterns of behavior, social ritual, and stubborn habit such that the end of sexual reproduction¬†will never happen in our lifetime.


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