End of Appeasement and Increased Deterrence

The US has finally become serious about countering the threats imposed by the resurgent Chinese and Russian military alliance. The Russian and Chinese development of supersonic missiles that are designed to sink our aircraft carriers and other capital ships are clearly a sword designed for the sole reason of preparing for a confrontation with the USA Navy over territorial disputes such as the South China Sea, and the Crimea. This new technology looks promising, and though I’m not certain why we reveal our latest defense capabilities in the news, I’m guessing it is a planned deterrence, a warning. NATO’s recent declaration that Russia needs to vacate Ukrainian territory and relinquish the Crimea is another sign that there is a looming confrontation between the major world powers. I’d say that the USA  and NATO are better prepared and at present, have an advantage, so it is better to confront Chinese and Russian aggression before they catch up or surpass our capabilities.



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