I will never step foot in Florida.

I would never live in Florida because they have man eating Nile crocodiles, water moccasins, and giant pythons. Two of the three are invasive species that were released by former pet owners, and they have no natural predators in Florida’s environment. The small mammal populations have begun to shrink, so when these species run out of food they will begin to expand their range into human habitats and cause conflict with humans. Just today, we learned about a two year old being dragged into the water by a crocodile while at a Disney resort. Efforts by human hunters have been basically ineffective because these species are aquatic and good at camouflage. The Seminole Native American Tribe, along with escaped slaves, were able to hold out against the full force of the US Military because they used the swamps to their advantage. Now these invasive species are hiding out in the same difficult to traverse terrain. I’m out.


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