Would Aliens wipe us out if they found us and had the capability?

http://www.cbsnews.com/news/would-aliens-really-kill-us-independence-day-style/ I have to say that I agree with Stephen Hawking on this matter. If they have the ability, they might just wipe us out like we swat flies. Advertising our location and seeking out contact with aliens while we are so weak when it comes to space and defense of Earth is just a … Continue reading Would Aliens wipe us out if they found us and had the capability?

Worst prediction ever made.

https://www.yahoo.com/tech/babies-may-designed-lab-not-101651445.html This article titled, "The end of sexual reproduction could be 20 years away, claims bioethicist," is perhaps the worst prediction I have ever heard. For one, he is wrong. There is no way that human beings, who have evolved and spent our entire existence on mating rituals, will stop or give up child birth. … Continue reading Worst prediction ever made.

End of Appeasement and Increased Deterrence

The US has finally become serious about countering the threats imposed by the resurgent Chinese and Russian military alliance. The Russian and Chinese development of supersonic missiles that are designed to sink our aircraft carriers and other capital ships are clearly a sword designed for the sole reason of preparing for a confrontation with the … Continue reading End of Appeasement and Increased Deterrence

I will never step foot in Florida.

I would never live in Florida because they have man eating Nile crocodiles, water moccasins, and giant pythons. Two of the three are invasive species that were released by former pet owners, and they have no natural predators in Florida's environment. The small mammal populations have begun to shrink, so when these species run out … Continue reading I will never step foot in Florida.

Hyres: Scotch Irish Surname

I recently researched this book and found the surname of Hyres as that of a Scotch-Irish group that immigrated to North America from Northern Ireland. Here is the link to the full manuscript located online. If you look in the index, you will find the surname, Hyres, listed with the relevant page numbers and details … Continue reading Hyres: Scotch Irish Surname